We help growing businesses keep growing.

Entrepreneurs and business owners need space that works for them, but they usually aren't real estate experts.  We are, and we can help.  Site selection is tedious and lease negotiations are complex, nuanced business transactions.  Landlords and their agents are inherently conflicted when working with tenants, their job is to make the lease deal favor the landlord.  Our job is to understand your needs, help you identify suitable space and negotiate the commercial lease with your best interests in mind.

Tenant Services

  • Site Selection
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Lease Analysis / Audits
  • Strategic Planning / Consulting

Property Types

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial / Flex

Common Issues

  • Common Area Maintenance (CAMs)
  • Space Renovation Costs (TI)
  • Exclusive Use Protections (AOP)
  • Anchor Tenant Closing
  • HVAC Expenses
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Chris Burnett
Commercial REALTOR® / Tenant Agent

Chris has evaluated and analyzed literally thousands of leases.  With more than five years experience working on the landlord side, he knows every trick in the book and now he is exclusively representing tenants.  This is the guy you want on your team when negotiating with property owners.

Case Studies


Law Firm Relocation:  A local law firm had been in the same building for nearly 20 years.  The space worked for them, but it was an inefficient layout in an expensive building.  The idea of moving was daunting, but overhead costs were creeping and it was time.  The new space had to be convenient and affordable, while reflecting the professionalism and stature of this small firm.  After an exhaustive search, we identified the building, negotiated a subdivision of available space and secured lease terms that were favorable to the tenant.  Meanwhile, the firm's staff and attorneys were able to stay focused on their clients.


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New Business Startup:  As is often the case, an entrepreneur called their residential REALTOR® for help finding a spot for their new business.  That agent in turned called us to help; recognizing that leasing commercial property is very different than selling homes.  We met with the partners and learned that the  business model was unique - part gym, part co-working space.  In essence, a space for independent physical therapists to meet their clients for sessions.  If you know anything about commercial space, you know that sub-leasing is a hot topic with landlords.  Chris found our new clients a building that was the right price, in the right location and successfully negotiated a lease for their unique use.  The business was up and running in 60 days.