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DISCLOSURE OF BROKERAGE RELATIONSHIP FOR UNREPRESENTED PARTIES: The undersigned does hereby acknowledge disclosure that the licensees Edward Denton and Chris Burnett (Broker and Salesperson) associated with Denton Realty Company (Brokerage Firm) represents only the SELLER in a real estate transaction related to the selected property. *
DENTON REALTY COMPANY ("the Broker") has been retained by the Seller of the owner of the selected property ("Property") under an exclusive listing agreement, for the marketing and sale of the Property. Upon full execution of this Confidentiality and Disclaimer Agreement by the named individual and its related corporate entities, family members or business partners ("Prospective Purchaser"), the Broker agrees to provide the Prospective Purchaser with certain confidential information relative to the Property's status, operations and terms of sale (collectively "Marketing Information"). 1. Prospective Purchaser agrees that the Marketing Information will not be used by the Prospective Purchaser for any purpose other than evaluating a possible purchase of the Property by the Prospective Purchaser. 2. Prospective Purchaser acknowledges that the Marketing Information is selective and limited in nature, and that neither the Broker nor the Seller purports those materials to be an inclusive report on the Property. Certain leases, documents and other materials may be described in summary form, and such summaries do not purport to constitute a legal analysis of the provisions of those documents. Upon the Seller's authorization, the Prospective Purchaser will be afforded an opportunity to review additional information and to inspect the Property, with the final determination of the Property's status to be made by the Prospective Purchaser based solely on its own independent investigations and due diligence. 3. Prospective Purchaser acknowledges that the Broker and their respective officers, employees or agents, do hereby expressly disclaim any and all liability, nor have they made or do make any representation or warranties, expressed, or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the Marketing Information or the status of the Property. Furthermore, no legal commitments or obligations shall arise by reason of the presentation of the Marketing Information or of any related materials which may have been or will be presented during the marketing of the Property. 4. Prospective Purchaser acknowledges that the Marketing Information is the property of the Broker and the Seller, and the Prospective Purchaser hereby agrees that the Marketing Information will not be photocopied or otherwise duplicated without the prior written approval of the Broker and the Seller. The Marketing Information is to be returned to the Broker and/or destroyed (a) immediately upon request or (b) when the Prospective Purchaser declines to make an offer to acquire the Property or (c) terminates discussions or negotiations with respect to the Property. 5. Prospective Purchaser agrees not to disturb any tenants in possession of the Property or employees affiliated with the Property or to reveal to such tenants or employees that the Property is being offered for sale or any matters relating to the Marketing Information. 6. Prospective Purchaser acknowledges that it is not represented by a Broker and it has received and executed a Disclosure of Brokerage Relationship for Unrepresented Parties. 7. Prospective Purchaser hereby indemnifies and saves harmless broker, the Seller, and their respective affiliates, officers, employees and agents against and from any loss, liability or expense, including but not limited to attorney's fees, arising out of (i) any claim or loss by any other party if such claim is based in whole or in part on dealings with the Prospective Purchaser, (ii) any breach of any of the terms of this Agreement by the Prospective Purchaser. 8. Prospective Purchaser hereby acknowledge their acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as evidenced by their respective signatures below.
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